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Good link to GW's countrywide security archive. Also undesirable much more of most of the people at some time weren't aware about the sheer insanity with the late '50s/early '60s SIOPs. Even though it could be argued that Kennedy was a hawk in a few techniques, it is evident that he took much power clear of the Air Force/Navy relative nuclear weapons use.

Individuals are looking for materials and ideological alternate options as well as American product of company pollution fundamentalism, world bankerism, and entire world destruction as 'advance'--at the very least when it comes to its common ambivalance kinds of assist--is going the way in which in the dodo.

For your file, my place on Peak Oil is really a definitive "I do not know but I ain't takin' likelihood." The level of certainty some folks have on this issue strikes me as somewhat arrogant, and tells me their egos are over-linked to this .

.similar to the kennedy's, prince charles of england, democrats and Swiftly evengelical christians also (although it can be interesting The brand new evengelical president-elect was pressured to resign about this really issue).

So suppose we quit dealing with Strength for a rational commodity and start taking a look at it rather in a similar way as illicit drugs -- being an addictive compound which can be the source of good wealth and ability to those that can Manage its creation and distribution.

jeff reminds us that maybe they've solved the challenge, nevertheless their Remedy will not be for our gain. it's possible, but how very likely Is that this?

It is just a FACT that oil peaked during the decrease 48 US states in 1971- equally as M.King Hubbert predicted, on the discomfiture of his bosses at Shell useful reference Oil. This Truth allows to elucidate much in US politics considering that then - not every little thing of course, but much.

Checking out factors from that point of view, I wind up getting *significantly* much more worried about world-wide warming (and environmental degredation generally) than I'm about peak oil, which I feel is essentially an artifact of marketing, and one thing of the distraction from the actual challenge.

sorry, more antiwar.com things. no matter its motives, I do Imagine that there is practical information for being identified on This great site. Here's an short article by Justin Raimondo on some of the entities with whom Litvinenko might have achieved on the working day he was poisoned. Some speculation, obviously, but just as legitimate as any of one other prevailing theories, I might say.

No person could know the exact point where by that ice is probably going to generally be as well thin to assist any one but their widespread sensation that it is need to never be disregarded or disregarded because of that.

 Kunta Kinte said... if that's true, sheila, then how come the Vitality giants haven't exploited absolutely free energy? cuttlefish's backlink to O'Leary's write-up on cost-free Strength seems convincing, however, if Whatever you say is genuine, then it seems absurd that huge Electricity would not have jumped over the no cost Electricity strategy.

Eventually, the data supplied by that supply gets to be Increasingly more barmy-sounding - the CIA/drug thing as some thing aside from very simple corruption, 9/11 as a thing in addition to a government operation...

 daniel stated... If I have been to wager a guess at why, I’d say that buyers don’t “browse” sorts. The interaction type consumers have interaction in with kinds is different, and requires its individual study and layout best tactics.

If we deal with the upcoming danger of worldwide local climate transform severely (and I think increasingly we might be compelled as to whether we like it or not), we will need to very shortly seek out choices to carbon-centered fuels as an Power supply. Probably oil and organic gas can proceed to generally be practical as chemical feedstock content and making blocks for producing synthetic supplies, but to combust and place carbon molecules to the atmosphere, I think the times of profligate use of this sort of sources are numbered, and with it the power of people that Command those means.

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